The Best Ways to Leverage Whitehat SEO Services in Denver

July 7, 2016 | Search Engine Optimization

white hat seo 300x193 The Best Ways to Leverage Whitehat SEO Services in DenverSearch engine traffic is always high quality, there’s absolutely no doubt about that. Organic traffic is so valuable, so you can market anything you want and gain. You know that achieving all that is a whole other story and everything rests on what you do with your site optimization. For some people, they cannot resist the lure and false promises that come with blackhat techniques. The obvious ethical and preferred method of SEO is whitehat, and we hope you stick around and read more.

Google looks at hundreds of factors with SEO, and how fast your site loads in the browser is now one of them. Since you will be scored on this metric, then it only makes sense to be up to speed, so to speak. You can do this by choosing a good web hosting company first, and then on your site reduce the size of images or bring down the use of unnecessary graphics. Some files such as java can get heavy, and then there is the issue of Flash which should not be used at all for SEO purposes. Be very sure you bring your site down to the best speeds, and that is something you cannot ignore. Even if you choose to hire a firm for your SEO needs, it’s important to analyze the methods they employ. Go after a company that only uses whitehat SEO so that you aren’t being completely unethical. The more careful you are in this area, the better it is. Do your homework before you say yes to the company. Do not allow your approach to be hasty if you want to hire someone to do your SEO work. Only move forward when you feel sure about the company.

Write the content for the human readers, and not for the search engines. This is the biggest difference between blackhat SEO and whitehat SEO. In this method we work on creating content that actually appeals to your readers. And at the same time, infuse keywords into the content in a creative manner. Every single step that you take towards writing content for humans will help you with your SEO. It will automatically help you get ranked higher.

The rewards for doing SEO can be tremendous if you stick with it long enough to realize it. Just one reason why whitehat is smarter than the other way is you will not be constantly looking over your shoulder. If you are able to stick with the program and are not afraid of work, then you should be good to go. This is also something that is an ongoing effort, and you cannot abandon it just because you are tired of it. So just be very sure you learn the basics and anything else from a trusted source, and then get to work on it.

If you are looking for White Hat SEO services in Denver, Red Rain SEO can help.

Free Backlinks For Websites

February 20, 2017 | Backlinks

If you just can’t seem to gain page rank in Google and other major search engines, may be a key SEO tactic you are likely missing. That tactic is one way link building. And, you may be going about it in the wrong way. There is athe right way to gain hundreds of Google backlinks and Yahoo backlinks with a simple system

There is a new system that could be the answer to this problem, especially for article markters, one that guarantees hundreds of free one way permanent links simply by writing and submitting articles in a new way. They claim it is the future of article marketing. In fact, the creators claim it has no disadvantages! This review looks at the system to see if it is plausible.

The Plus Side of Article Marketing

The advantages of using article marketing to get one way permanent links have long since been proven.

As article marketers, we know that Google, Yahoo, and other search engines thrive on quality content. Search engines reward the writers of new, useful, and informative content with better search engine rankings.

Embeded within that high ranked content are links leading back to the website or blog of the creator of that content. Each backlink to that highly ranked content is actually a vote for the creator of that content and gives the creator’s website or blog higher visibility.

Quality content with hundreds of one way backlinks will land you on the first page of most search engines. The result is a flood of targeted traffic leading back to you. This is how article marketing has worked.

In the past, “link love” from search engines towards backlinks from articles was the most successful free traffic generator. For many years, article marketers profited nicely even though the content they created only had to be of marginal quality. Quality content was not necessary because there was not much competition for keywords and search engine position. The truth is, backlinking was simmering much a strategy used only by SEO experts and any wise marketers. They dominated the search engine rankings for years for their desired keywords.

The Negative Side of Article Marketing

And so today, article marketing is a lot more complex. Keyword research tools are readily available and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of websites teaching how to write quality content that is keyword rich. And, as if article marketing was not fiercely competitive already, content thieves have entered the scene and have added another twist that makes article marketing tougher that ever.

Some of these thieves will republish your article but they may delete your backlinks from your Author Box, claim authorship, or insert their own backlinks to steal your hard work and traffic.

This is the major downside of trying to get backlinks with articles the traditional way.

Once you have submitted your article to any of the article directories, you lose control over your article when it is published. You can’t fault article directory administrators. They are glad to have your quality content so they leave your writing intact should they decide to publish it.

One of the major ways your content might be stolen is by “scraping.” Article thieves are using software that automatically crawls through article directories to “scrape” the articles, by category, for republishing elsewhere. These software tools provide the thief with your finished article. Then, all they do is change the article Title slightly and the insert their own backlinks in your Author Box.

In addition to stealing your work product from article directories and automatically altering backlinks in your Author Box, they use other kinds of software to skim just a snippet of your article. Several times they skim just the first few lines or a complete paragraph of your article.

They add your snippet to a list of many others so they can populate their sites with content to gain search engine position. Remember, search engines love fresh content. In this case the thief includes a link back to the article directory. This tactic is used to create so-called made-for-Adsense sites.

The site creator knows, when a visitor gets to the site and sees nothing but a bunch of snippets, they likely will click on one of the Adsense ads and the site creator makes money. These guys have hundreds or thousands of such sites and make a bundle with this tactic.

The “Free Traffic System” Could Be The Answer

The creators of Free Traffic System have a large number of member blogs in a wide variety of niches. They guarantee that their member blogs, where your writing is published, will retain your backlinks. You would think that such a guarantee can’t honestly be backed up. Well, as it turns out, Free Traffic System has found a way to virtually eliminate the problem of plagiarism.

Administrators of Free Traffic System monitor their member blogs. Those blog owners who remove your backlinks will be deleted from the Free Traffic System and lose access to future quality content. Surprisingly, this has yet to happen.

What About The Duplicate Content Penalty?

The issue of duplicate content is debatable. Some SEO experts say there is no such thing. Others say there certainly is and it can cost you. Here is the argument for the duplicate content penalty. You decide.

The argument is: When your original article is republished on numerous sites, like article directories, Google has an algorithm that sees this content as duplicate content because the algorithm reads that a large number of your backlinks are being linked from sites carrying your identical writing and linking back from them to you.

While there is no hard proof that Google will punish your backlinks, those who support the duplicate content argument claim that Google dramatically lowers the SEO value of backlinks built from duplicate content pages and lowers your page rank.

Rather than further debate the issue, I would rather be on the safe side and avoid it completely. The creators of Free Traffic System agree and have provided an simple way of spinning articles automatically for you.

The Mega Article Spinner

Free Traffic System has built in software that spins your articles to make each of your articles unique, even if the article is republished on a large number of blogs, to be seen as one-of-a-kind content.

All you do is take your original article, do any simple editing, and Free Traffic System automatically creates dozens, even hundreds of versions, that make sense to the reader. These are not the kind of garbled spun articles you are used to. You know the type I mean.

In addition to spinning the Body of the article, you even have the capability to spin your Title and Author Box.

You determine the depth of editing and the content. You can dedicate 5 minutes or 30 minutes to get this done. It is fairly simple and fully explained at Free Traffic System. The end result is that each of the articles will be seen as unique for Google and other search engines. And, this will instantly increase the value of your backlinks. Proof is provided by members to show how simple this system is.

To give you an idea of how powerful this is, one spun article can generate up to 60 one way backlinks. You do the math.

If you need to try a new way to boost your page rank through quality backlinks, check out Free Traffic System.

Buy Backlinks For Website

February 18, 2017 | Backlinks

29780887686 e0b8aac927 Buy Backlinks For Website

Link Popularity as you know plays a BIG part in your websites ranking within the Search Engines.

So, the basic breakdown is, the more links pointing to your website, the higher up the search engines will rank your website.

More importantly though is getting those High PR websites linking back to yours.

The question at hand is. . . “How can I get those High PR links without having to buy High PR links and/or spend countless hours surfing the web for link partners with the possible likely of being denied?”

And as webmasters, we can not afford to waste time, especially if your starting out on a part time basis.

We must utilize every minute we can to getting the most out of our efforts.

So with that being said, I’m going to reveal to you the ‘Back Door’ strategy I use for getting those High PR links to your website Absolutely FREE and have them begging you to come back.

And the cool thing is this can be done following these 3 steps I’m about to mention so pay attention because if you do just this, you will not only get hundreds of backlinks to your website, you’ll also get hundreds, if not thousands of Targeted visitors to your website at the same time. . .

. . . all for FREE!

Are you ready?

Good, because I am.

Step #1. First you must write an Article.

The first step is to write an related article about your Product or Service that draws the reader in and gets them to click through to your website once they finish reading it to find out more about you and your Product or Service.

Now, your probably wondering why you have to write an article.

Well, it’s real simple actually because what do you get to put at the end of your article?

Your ‘Resource Box’ with your website information and most important of all. . . your URL pointing back to your website.

So when someone chooses to publish your article in their newsletter or on their website, blog or article directory, they MUST add your ‘Resource Box’ with your website information and URL.

I know some of you are saying. . . “I don’t know how to write an article” . . . well, your not alone.

Here are a few resources I’ve put together for you so you can get the basic idea of How-To structure your articles with ease or get someone else to write them for you.

The first is an article I wrote called. . . THE 7 Step Formula For Writing POWERFUL Articles In Less Than An Hour.

It will show you How-To structure your articles for easy writing. http://www. internetwondersezine. com/article_11. html

The second resource is Elance. com – http://www. elance. com – which is basically a place where you can go and submit a project by category and freelance writers, etc. will then bid on your project. You pick the winner and you set the budget.

This will get you started in the right direction.

Remember, your article is the Nuts and Bolts of this ‘Back Linking’ strategy, so make sure you put some effort into it to get it as much exposure as possible.

Step #2. Submit your article to Article Directories.

This is the next step and an important one at that because this is where your article or articles are going to get picked up by website owners and/or ezine publishers who are in constant need of fresh, quality information to feed their audiences hunger for information.

There are literally hundreds of Article Directories out there and thousands of ezine publishers looking for quality content on a daily basis. And if they choose your article for publication, they must include your ‘Resource Box’ with your websites information and URL.

It’s all about the numbers. The more Article Directories and websites you submit your articles to, the more likely Backlinks you’ll get to your website.

And since Article Directories have recently adopted RSS(Real Simple Syndication) technology into the mix your articles will even get More mileage without you lifting a finger, creating even more Backlinks to your website.

More on RSS in a minute.

Are you starting to see the Power behind writing your own articles.

I hope so.

Step #3. Create your own RSS Feed for your articles.

This last step is a very Powerful step as well.

What you need to do is set up your own RSS Feed for your articles.

Now, if you don’t know what RSS is here’s the basic definition. . .

RSS is by definition – an acronym for ‘Real Simple Syndication’ or ‘Rich Site Summary’, and the . XML extension is the format used for distributing your news headlines via the Web, which is known as ‘Syndication.

‘Syndication’ is where the TRUE power of RSS is unleashed, getting your message or information across the web in an INSTANT to websites, subscribers and/or readers who subscribed to your RSS Feed.

The easiest way for you to do this is to set up your own Blog either through. . .

WordPress. org – http://www. wordpress. org

Or through. . .

Blogger. com – http://www. blogger. com

WordPress is a little more advanced so I recommend if you don’t have a lot of experience with Blogs or installing scripts that you go set up a Blogger blog which will only take you less than 5 minutes to do.

I’m just giving you some options, that’s all.

Once you’ve set up your Blog the only thing left for you to do is add you articles.

TIP: Make sure you hyperlink your URL and use Anchor Text with your most targeted keywords. By doing this the Search Engine spiders will rank your website higher under that keyword term you specify in your Anchor Text.

After you’ve added your articles all you have to do now is submit your new RSS Feed to RSS Directories and RSS Search Engines.

Here’s a few resources for you to get started with.

Ping-O-Matic – http://pingomatic. com

RSS Top 55 – http://www. masternewmedia. org/rss/top55

That’s it.

Now I know I dumped a lot of information on you within this article so just take it Step-By-Step because once you implement it properly it will benefit you for years to come with Backlinks to your website and FREE targeted traffic via the Search Engines, Website Owners and eZine Publishers.

Find Backlinks

February 16, 2017 | Backlinks

32230407345 295a2e1e38 Find Backlinks

Uprecedented Secret Revealed!

How to get tons of backlinks to your website!

This secret apparently known only to some few people around. first, let me ask you: how much would you pay for more than 1,000 one way backlinks to your website? I guess it will be around 500$-5000$, depending on the quality of the websites.

Now i’ll show you how to get that for a less than 200$, or even for nothing if you will be the one to do the work, which in my opinion is also fun! keep reading, my unprecedented secret in a couple of paragraphs.

The method for achieving such amount of backlinks is to give something that have high demand for free, and put a link to your website with the text “Provided by . . . ” at the bottom. Now, the free thing you give can be anything, and you will not be having to create it yourself.

Some Ideas
Here are some ideas for things you can give for free:

Articles or eBooks
Services like our ASBOX! :)

You can always pay talented people to create the free things, find those people in forums like Digital Point or go to Rent A Coder to find someone who will build you a software / free script.

The better than all method!
The answer is hidden in skins, yes. . . skins are a great tool to get tons of backlinks. Here is the approach to act by for getting good results:

1. Find a great web designer

2. Find a free CMS script which people uses and mostly can be found on websites that have lots of traffic, a good example is phpBB. You may try to look for other forums / blogs / CMS scripts and find those ones that are popular but have already ugly skins created for them.

3. Pay the designer to create a custom skin, tell him that you are going to offer his skin for free. You may also want to give him credit, but you don’t have to.

4. At the bottom of the skin, place a direct link to your website and add the text “Provided by [Your Website Name]”

If it will not give you traffic, at least it will give you tons of backlinks that will constantly grow as more and more people will use your skins.

Article Source: Single Page Marketing

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