The Best Ways to Leverage Whitehat SEO

July 7, 2016 | Search Engine Optimization

white hat seo 300x193 The Best Ways to Leverage Whitehat SEOSearch engine traffic is always high quality, there’s absolutely no doubt about that. Organic traffic is so valuable, so you can market anything you want and gain. You know that achieving all that is a whole other story and everything rests on what you do with your site optimization. For some people, they cannot resist the lure and false promises that come with blackhat techniques. The obvious ethical and preferred method of SEO is whitehat, and we hope you stick around and read more.

Google looks at hundreds of factors with SEO, and how fast your site loads in the browser is now one of them. Since you will be scored on this metric, then it only makes sense to be up to speed, so to speak. You can do this by choosing a good web hosting company first, and then on your site reduce the size of images or bring down the use of unnecessary graphics. Some files such as java can get heavy, and then there is the issue of Flash which should not be used at all for SEO purposes. Be very sure you bring your site down to the best speeds, and that is something you cannot ignore. Even if you choose to hire a firm for your SEO needs, it’s important to analyze the methods they employ. Go after a company that only uses whitehat SEO so that you aren’t being completely unethical. The more careful you are in this area, the better it is. Do your homework before you say yes to the company. Do not allow your approach to be hasty if you want to hire someone to do your SEO work. Only move forward when you feel sure about the company.

Write the content for the human readers, and not for the search engines. This is the biggest difference between blackhat SEO and whitehat SEO. In this method we work on creating content that actually appeals to your readers. And at the same time, infuse keywords into the content in a creative manner. Every single step that you take towards writing content for humans will help you with your SEO. It will automatically help you get ranked higher.

The rewards for doing SEO can be tremendous if you stick with it long enough to realize it. Just one reason why whitehat is smarter than the other way is you will not be constantly looking over your shoulder. If you are able to stick with the program and are not afraid of work, then you should be good to go. This is also something that is an ongoing effort, and you cannot abandon it just because you are tired of it. So just be very sure you learn the basics and anything else from a trusted source, and then get to work on it.

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Free Web Page Optimization

July 24, 2016 | Website Optimization

When it comes to doing business online, you will soon discover that it's all about traffic. Traffic, or the number of network users youd be able to generate for your website, it is and will always be the lifeblood of any online venture. After all, what good is a website when there's no one there to see its pages? How successful will your digital products be if no one would be able to know about them? Who will find out about your services when no one will get exposed to their existence?

Contrary to what many people believe, generating traffic for your website does not start once you pages are published and published in the. The traffic generation strategies start at the same time it is conceptualizing an idea of the website itself. This is what is

In website optimization (SEO). It has to do with the techniques that can be implemented in their own websites, to ensure a good volume of traffic to your website. 80% of your traffic would come from the many search engines on the World Wide Web. If each and every web page that is optimized for these search engines, then your website would be in a good position to have a high rank of the results of all relevant consultations. The selection of keywords

*. Choosing the right keywords is essential for the success of your website. The keywords are the most popular search terms that people use to collect information from the search engines. If your web pages are populated by the right density of the correct keywords, then you will have more chances to win the attention of search engines such as MSN. To determine the appropriate keywords for the subject your website is repaired tool use free tools that can be found in

* placement of keywords in the content. Content is the king of internet. But even royalty needs support. Fill your content with the proper amount of keywords. A density level of at least 2% should be sought. This means that the right keywords should be mentioned at least twice for every 100 words of text.

Again, be careful not to use too if your keywords. While important in any search engine on stuffing your pages with keywords can have the opposite effect the engines.

* META tags. META tags are HTML codes that are unrelated to the physical appearance of their websites, but they do inform the search engines that such websites are appropriate for a given query. Always include the following META tags on the top of your source between sections of the head code. You could copy and paste them from the list, but not change the indicated fields. Also, make sure to include the important keywords in your META tags.

META NAME = Author CONTENT = your name here
META NAME = Title Content = the theme of your site
META NAME = description content = description of your site
META NAME = keywords content = keywords here
META NAME = rescan after
cONTENT = days mETA NAME = = Classification general content
mETA NAME = Robots cONTENT = All

You will need to add opening and closing tags of previous meta tags.

ALT tags *. ALT tags refer to the text that will appear whenever the mouse cursor would pass through an image. Your ALT tags should include your keywords.

Have found that many webmasters do not bother with them, which is a big mistake because spiders can not read what an image is about. If your competition are not using them, which has a great advantage. *

Page titles. Page titles are the captions that appear at the top of their website. Ensure that each web page on your web site would have a different title that will include the right keywords you have listed in your meta tags.

* Focus. Remember that search engines crawl through your website per page. Starting at the top left corner to work your way down. Each page is a completely different project. The focus is the key. Ensure that each web page of yours would focus on a particular keyword or key phrase. If there is an article in that page, make sure that the article only discuss and include one keyword or key phrase from the list you have made. It would also be helpful if you want to name the page file to include the keyword or key phrase that focuses on. For example is a good page filename that would help increase your SEO efforts.

Google wants you to use a site map and made it very easy for you to integrate it into their websites. Take any time to learn about and use site maps.

Following these guidelines would be a great help in obtaining a favorable position in the pages of search engine results. This in turn would ensure that sustainable and sufficient volume of traffic that would make your website a success.

Free site optimization

July 22, 2016 | Search Engine Optimization

We have the confidence and links authority sites and search engines and directories to point in the direction of the sites we need. We will discuss this "confidence" from the point of view of positioning your web business.

When you have generated traffic to your site, you need to give people what they are really looking for. In particular, it must provide genuine answers and real benefits through their writing site.

This is a major obstacle for using doorway pages to maximize your search engine optimization – regardless of their human visitors.

You know clearly focused keywording through your site is critical to the success of SEO. So how words are written on your page to emphasize their theme of the site for search engines, and most importantly, serve your customers? Go

Belly to belly

The answer is to write for people first, not the search engines. The average Web business constantly competing for our attention and our thoughts fragmented. It is exhausting. Does not it make sense to create a Web site that offers shelter from the storm online? A key marketing

Thought to consider is that a few hundred of satisfied customers can be fed well, to you, and take care that in mature age. These

'customers for life' will only be yours if you and your website is a customized service oriented. It is a powerful way to separate themselves from their competitors who think that automation is the only answer for web success.

Here are 10 key questions to help you with this approach. The answers that generate inform your writing website.

Or Your Product / Service

1. For site visitors: What are the results / specific benefits provided by the people who buy from you …


Their products and services :? Name two key short phrases that describe exactly what provides …

3. What is your most commercial, only ,, unique competitive advantage? This is the key Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

4. Describe your product / service in detail key features …

A. List 7 appearing in sight:

(A feature is a fact about a product or service, such as "wash cold, hang dry "or" made in Morocco ". Features show how things are created, delivered and maintained.) B. List

7 huge benefits of your products / services give their site visitors …

(a benefit is something that will make it easier or more productive life of someone better, by using your product or service)

5. What product / service is the "best of the best '-. The # 1 most popular, profitable or marketable offer …

Or your site visitor

6. Who is the perfect site visitor Supply many details as possible: Demographics (gender, age, employment, etc.), geographics (location, country, city, etc. ), psychographic (culture, interests, lifestyle, etc) …

7. Single list and 7 interesting facts that really need site visitors know about you and the products / services offered …

8. List of at least 7 of the most frequently asked questions about your products / services as well as the answers given …

9. List of at least 7 of the most common mistakes site visitors have about their deals .. .

10. What are the 3 specific things your target market wants to know more about or looking at your product / service? …

The Summarization: Client integration and search engine needs

You have thought long and hard, he has dug deep. He even asked his visitors what they want. In the process that generated the raw materials you need to write your copy of the site.

This is how to use this information to please both site visitors and search engines:

A. Write for your audience – the people who most need to reach. If you are writing sales copy, the template outlined here is recommended. B. Use

Excellent suggestion tool keyword Overture. He disappeared for a while, but is now back again. We are researching what words people actually use when they look through a search engine to find what you offer.

C. Take the word # 1 to find on Overture. Wherever it makes sense (and without being disagreeable), replace the key words and similar phrases within your site word writing. Ideally, you should try to get a share of 3-7% of your keywords to the other words on your page word. To measure your keyword density visit And while you're at it, use this tool to check your competitors appear with this keyword. Note where and how they have used this keyword in your text and visible source.

D. Re-optimize your pages around this keyword, then deliver these newly written register with the major search engines page.

This is the "human approach" to optimize the site. It's not scientific but it's fast, and can free up your time to move on to the other aspects of your web business.

Web optimization techniques

July 20, 2016 | Website Optimization

27811352000 06af291f10 Web optimization techniques Specializing in Web optimization I spend a lot of time looking for the best designers around the country and around the world. We exchange industry insider tips. I teach about web design and show them how to get their beautiful to the top of Google, MSN and Yahoo sites. It is a match made in heaven. The most recent collaboration was a huge success that helped both of us just what we wanted, so we decided to publish our findings for anyone interested. Having said that; Here is an interview with a web design company in New York.

What makes a web design company in New York different from others? That's easy … Competition. Just look at the number of design companies out there and see what I mean. In the city or outside, someone looking for high quality web design in New York to face hundreds of options in an area of only a few city blocks. Now that's competition.

If you are not from the area, it may be hard to imagine. This could help … Imagine typing "web design New York" into the Google search box and get hundreds of pages with thousands of links returns. Instead of clicking the links however, you are walking hundreds of offices; each with its own unique flavor of Web design.

But the competition is a competitive advantage that is critical in a struggling economy. Of course we all want to look good on the Internet, but when you're competing with their real neighbors live, in addition to the line; you have to walk to a higher level.

I said, I offer some tips inside a web design company successful New York. We will focus our attention on usability. This has the unfortunate distinction of being both the overall look even less considered most important design too often and website owners suffer from oversights.

First, most people do not really read a website at first glance; they are scanned to see if something really worth reading. You need to get your attention immediately and keep it. Here's how …

1.) with its most powerful jump right off the bat content. Immediately grab your attention and keep it. Never save the best for last, unless you have something almost as good to drive the reader there.

2.) Make sure your functional areas are consistent, as much as possible through your site. This is especially true in the navigation menu search fields, user names, and all they need user interaction (top, left, right, etc.). The more comfortable your visitors feel working through the site, the more likely he or she is to stay for a while and go even deeper.


) embed a link to your homepage within their company logo. All visitors to the site that has been on the Web for any length of time expected for almost mostly. It is a safety net and many users rely deny that it could lead to great inconvenience to visitors.


) Add a search box in an easy to find location consistent. And be sure that only searches within your website. Which has a search function that offers "search the web" gives visitors an invitation to leave your site. Why would you want that?

Second, keep in mind that search engines will also be looking at your site. So it's pretty is not enough. It needs to attract the search engine as well as visitors live if ever awaits visitors live to find it in the first place. This is known as search engine optimization, or SEO. It is more complicated than in previous years, but still quite feasible. Here are three tasks "must do" for you to complete if you want your site on top of Google.

1.) Use keywords as anchor text (the words can be made visible click) on your links throughout the content of your page. This is huge. Let me demonstrate how powerful an element can be.

Go to and run a search for the term "Click Here" (without quotation marks.) Take note of two things immediately … Number one, there are more than 1.6 million competitors (Web pages). Number two, the party returned above is a link to Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Ready for a surprise? Click here is not anywhere in the text of the page or META tags. The page is number one, of 1.6 billion pages, because thousands of web pages that provide a link to Acrobat "Click here" as the anchor text of choice. Incredible true?

This is great news for you. You can take advantage of that power by linking to and from the pages of your website. Which brings us nicely in Council number two …

2.) If you believe that SEO is a priority for your site, create a unique page for each of the main keywords. Just be sure to link the anchor text of each page to the page that has that specific keyword as its focus. Industry

Advice: If you are a specialist blog or web designer by trade, SEO offered as part of their services is a natural step that can double the value of their work, or more. With so many good SEO products available to help you get professional results with minimal effort, you can trust the majority reputation as a good indicator of potential success. For example, eBay, Motorola and Lexmark all in play your online success into a tool you can get for $ 250 in


Text) relevant anchor should also be on top of mind when you are requesting inbound links from other sites. This is what Google uses as its strongest measurement to gauge the quality of your pages.

This is how you can build your brand through their own words. Getting visitors is not only half the battle, its application is a completely different game.

Now, similar to number 2 tip, you want to request specific keywords can be used in the anchor text that leads to your pages from other sites. And be sure to ask each link to the appropriate page. Only link to the home page will not cut it anymore.

Warning: Avoid reciprocal link farms like the plague. They are so easy to detect by Google that is a joke.

If you are in need of quality links, but have no time for associations link settings yourself, you may want to try a service that provides "three way links" like .

Is very simple and very pretty ingenious. Here's how it works … Site 1 links to Web Site 2. 2 "Site links to 3. And Site 3 Site 1 links that form a chain indirect one way links.

That's all for now. Good luck.

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