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August 30, 2016 | Website Optimization

27681422873 6fe27e5da1 Site Optimization Search engines look for website optimization in finding content that you have created. The following points will help you make your search engine friendly site. In addition, you will benefit, giving visitors a quality experience.

If you are unfamiliar with website optimization, which is to ensure that the right keywords are used all its contents. You should be careful not to overdo it, though, or your site could get banned or sandboxed. If this happens, it can take months to get out if you can. Some sites do not recover. Owners have to start over with a completely new domain.

Can avoid having this happen to you by knowing and applying these few simple rules.

1. Make sure the keywords are highly relevant to the content of your site. The more targeted your keyword phrases are, the more search engines will like. This is good, because it means that your site will be one of the first to appear when someone searches for those phrases.

2. Restrict the use of your keywords for your content does not violate the standards set by search engines. Fill your site with lots of related keywords will be viewed by search engines as spam keywords. Many web content writers make this critical error. In their attempts to attract search engines, they get the exact opposite.


Use keywords naturally. Your visitors will read your content. If loaded with keyword phrases, it soon becomes evident. This will turn them off and leave your site, and you will lose that business. Search engines aim to provide users with the most accurate results. Ignore your site and receive a low page rank and unhappy prospects.

4. Focus on one or two keyword phrases for each page words. Disperse naturally through its contents. For a 500 word article, you must place the keyword in the title, in the first paragraph, in the last paragraph, and once again in the center. On longer 800-1000 or more items using your key word more times. The standard is: In an article of 500 words, the keyword should not appear more than 3 times.

5. Do not try to hide your keywords, changing the font color to match the background. This is an old trick used by marketers few years ago to beat the search engines, but does not work anymore. Search engines see those hidden keywords and recognize that they are spam keywords.

To adapt content writing website optimization is not easy for some people, but if you follow these 5 points in mind, you will avoid the problems associated with spam keywords.

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